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In attaining the promising great results, we should know what Google wants from an SEO point and what visitors demand for providing better content for them.  In fact, it is all about search engine rules, no one can get it right, unless they meet its requirements, or in other words, it can be said that SEO is not about tricking search engines, but it is all about making the content safe for Google. So, here are some factors that can win “Google’s heart”.

Semantic Search

As it is said in Forbes, the future of marketing is semantic. When we talk about semantic, it is always related with the content, especially articles. However, filling your website just by writing a lot of articles is not a good technique. Using keywords in your articles and putting valuable content that will help to answers reader questions is very important.  This is where your semantic should be focus at, maybe you will need a bit like long-tail word search. Content that responds to web questions by serving accurate facts and descriptions is an example of semantic search. Google’s knowledge graph also works on semantic principles.

Skyscraper technique

This technique was initially proposed by Brian Dean, it points at improving the content until the content publishes at a quality source. The more it is published at quality sources the higher it goes like a soaring skyscraper, then the chances of getting an improved ranking and boost the traffic becomes more likely. This technique works in three steps:

  1. Find your best quality content
  2. Upgrade the content (edit and review)
  3. Promote the content until it gets caught somewhere

Go Local

Set your website to target the Google pigeon update. The Google pigeon update is a new algorithm released by Google to provide more useful, relevant, and accurate local search results which are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals. It will allow users who make searchers such as, product service + location name, see improved results that include rich snippet such as images, ratings and lists. However, Pigeon has not been announced as Google official update, the term is initiated by another website, Search Engine Land to promote how Google has prioritized local search. Meaning, if you are a local specialist business, then aim for it.

On Page keyword Prominence

Remember to use your Keyword Prominence Rules, such as the usage of main keyword in titles, descriptions, heading tag, body content and image alter tags so it perfectly responds to users’ queries. Don’t forget to check your text/HTML ratio as well and keep it a good balance. An ideal text to HTML ratio is 25 to 70 percent. This percentage refers to the visible text ratio, as opposed to HTML elements, image tags and other nonvisible information. Therefore, many high ranking websites in search results have visible text.

More Updated Content

Check out your content, such as facts, figures, and statistics – are they still up to date or relevant with current trends? Since users will not like the outdated sites and neither does Google.  However, the extent of updating depends upon your niche or you can use another way by news jacking it to provide a more fresh content.

Domain Authority

Besides page rank, you also should notice your niche and proper content for the backlinks. According to, domain authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or sub domains. High domain authority will help your website get better ranking. Please note that there is a difference between page authority and domain authority, as there is a difference between SEO and web development. Page authority is the score of each individual page of a website while domain authority covers the whole website.  Domain Authority is built up over a long time, so work hard on this as this will be reflected as improvement later on.

Author Rank

It is not only a website that could be ranked, but also the author can be ranked. Through Google’s search algorithm your author will be scored and having an online profile should be a necessity. Factors that improve your author’s rank are social sharing of your Google+ posts, +1s and comments, since providing valuable content to visitors is important. If they find it useful and want to get other articles from you again, that means you already got them hooked.

In conclusion, we believe that SEO’s biggest factor is surrounding content. It is hoped that by finding the right way to improve your content, it will directly impact on the web ranking also.