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In the olden days, people built their customer relationships verbally and face to face. Nowadays, cyberspace provides you in so many new ways to broaden your business reach  in more effective ways. Ecommerce Website Development  is one of those methods. E-commerce (electronic commerce) is where business transaction happens online. There are three categories of E-Commerce; Business to Business, Business to consumer, and consumer to consumer. Since, our topic is about Customer relationship, let’s focus on narrowing our topic into Business to Consumer style.

There are two forms that e commerce provides for business to consumer type; M-commerce (Mobile Commerce) and Social Media commerce. Both of these types have become an important and effective part of E-commerce marketing. It is the easiest and popular way of marketing your product, especially for social media commerce. E-commerce entrepreneurs should focus on where their traffic comes from, what their online targets are and what kind of sites their customer tend to visit. After knowing the characterization of your customers then you can use the right social media for your customer. However, there are still some things that you should consider when building your ECommerce strategy for the purpose of improving your customer relationship.

  • Content Strategy

In order to help facilitate the best user experience, content is an important part of your ecommerce strategy. The contents may be fulfilled by articles, pictures, videos, or other posts. This is aimed at increasing sales, then, when it is possible you can ask for customers to review your products and in turn creating more positive content for you. It is expected that the more reviews you get, it makes others who have not bought your product yet, feel more interested to do so.  Of course, hopefully your product reviews are good after all.

  • Loyalty Marketing Program

Loyalty marketing is all about repeating sales from your existing customers that already love your product. As an example, you can create some ideas for making your customers want to buy your product again and again. One of the classical ideas is giving points or a discount for additional transactions. Customer happiness is the most important part for making them loyal to your product, so do not forget about their special events, such as their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and others, as this strategy will touch your customer personally and emotionally, makes them feel more important and closer to you while on the other hand this strategy keeps your product remain in their consciousness.

  •  Provide a Professional Customer Service.

A professional customer service is needed for giving greetings to customers, overcoming bad comments/questions in a good way, and also being a good listener for the customers.

Don’t forget about greetings

Greeting a person is as important as overcoming a bad comment, by giving opening or closing greetings, (eg. Hello and Thank you again) your customer will feel more respected.

  • Overcoming Bad comments

Good comments are a plus for your product, however, bad comments should not scare you. A professional customer service must have a good skill to handle negative comments, by commenting in a good language effectively and staying positive.

  • Be a Good listener

Knowing what your customer says about you is the source of developing and improving your products and your services. So listening to them will help you solve their problems and also help you to fix your product to be more flawless.