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Today as never before  social media is going all the flurry, from dawn through sunset  to sunrise again,  Netizens take to either Twitter or Facebook  to tweet  their presence.  Amongst working people, Social media is a medium to engage customers  selling and delivering  products and services.  They attempt to take advantage of social media opportunities, by engaging to build a community, even a partnership. When you engage with your customer, in response, they can provide you with feedback and suggestions on social media. You engage by sharing a link to an article related to your industry, community or specialty in a way that value to customers while line with your branding exposure.  Social networking requires you show up, contribute and add value to the conversation.

Ask questions of your network is more common in facebook, questions can be a small talk like ‘How was your weekend’ to a more weird ones like ‘What would you do if you were a superhero like Batman”.  In return, they can offer you feedback and furthermore, giving the users experience or point of view.

Facebook vs Linkedin

Linkedin as the platform is dedicated more for professionals, the news room is fatly fed  with articles. You can be a contributor, not just be a silent reader or observer, this way,  your audience can learn some points from you and follow your thoughts and advice.   When posting articles, make sure to read the article first, while ensuring it represents something you would feel good  to attach your name and share. Don’t forget to add a sentence indicating your thoughts or opinion on the piece, such as, “this article is worth a read” or “the writer makes a significant point about how not to make your website living death”.

On facebook, consistency factor is also necessary to show others that you are active. The success of social media marketing , in day to day basis,  widget ‘like’ can affect influence to your audience as much as sharing photos, giving comments, posting and updates from your contacts.

When you get daily notifications of your contacts’ birthdays, work anniversaries and job changes make use of it by congratulating and celebrating  the successes of others. You can post a congratulatory note to their LinkedIn status and add a note, such as, ‘You made it!’, ‘job well done’, ‘ Happy Work  Anniversary’ or ‘Congratulations on the promotion!’.

On facebook, congratulate on someone special event or special occasion, more casually like birthday, anniversary, engagement, and other personal special occasions.

As the platform is more business-like, the quote you share should be likewise. It is always a good idea to share quotes on social media, for example, in LinkedIn, the quote nature should sound more professional business world, for instance,’ A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business’. ~ Henry Ford, ‘Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm’. ~ Winston Churchill

On Facebook, share a quote with its author that’s meaningful to you and common sense, you can make one the inspirational or personal, ‘prevention is better than cure’,  ‘Eat like you would die tomorrow, learn like you would never die’ — M.Gandhi

On Linkedin, it’s more advisable to post a short article, blog or set of comments instead of post update . An inspiring article using the “Create a Post” feature with interesting photo embedded is a good point.

In Facebook, update status , not only tells about you’ what a day today is’, ‘ yummy food pic’ but also about ‘what is going on with you?’, ‘ what is the cooking for the day?’,  ‘what did you eat?’,  Those kinds of phrases can be opener for two-ways communication to let your network know  and hear from you.

The more time you spend amongst these Social Networks, the more you will understand what works on each of them, and what works on one platform is not the same on others.  Use the strengths of each to target the audience in a different way, and don’t forget, it’s all about keeping in touch with your existing and potential clients.