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This article was written with some of our own experience on what it takes to commence a successful online business.  But before we list our 5 tips, maybe we can describe what we think is the most important attribute you need, and that is Patience.  This is one aspect that sometimes all entrepreneurs tend to forget and become angry and frustrated when they don’t get the results that they may have had in previous experiences.

Here are Top 5 things we believe will help you to prepare for an e-Commerce business :

1.  Find out what you can sell and sell well

There are so many e-Commerce opportunities in the online world, you just need to work out what is that you are best at.  You have service, online shop and distribution types of industries. In the service industry you need your brain and brawl to help people achieve something, such as delivery, giving lessons or even finding something. In the distribution business, you can become a mediator between sellers of products and customers that are looking for those products. This can often be an easier way to setup an online shop, because you don’t need to make your own products, just play with the margin. The Distribution Industry is sometimes also known as the service shop industry. While if you decide to become an online that creates something unique, then that’s another way you can setup an e-Commerce business.

2.  Learn from experts by attending free-seminars

Free seminars are sometimes provided by entrepreneurs and successful business leaders. In these seminars, you can pick up many useful tips and tutorials that help you build and prepare your e-Commerce business. Just important to note, these seminars can also be filled with their own promotions to premium seminars such as one-on-one lessons or more information regarding the topic of the seminar. Just be careful and do your research first as you want to make sure you don’t get burned

3.  Find some sources

We refer to a “source” as the product, knowledge or distributor of the business you wish to create. Sources can come from anywhere, depending on what kind of business you are doing. It can be from internet, relatives, or you may even find sources at the seminars you are attending. A reliable resource might help you better with the business itself. For example in terms of product, make sure the shipping company that is related to the source itself is trustable so that you can be confident that if people do buy the product, that can also deliver.

4.  You need all the help you can get at the start

Starting a lone business such as an online e-Commerce website, looking for help from your relatives could be crucial. At the beginning, you want watch out for your limited budget and staff is often an expensive component of a business. One thing you need to remember is that running an e-Commerce won’t be successful immediately and you will need to plan for the quiet times at the start.

Often new online e-Commerce business people ask this same question whenever they start running website –  “What is the best way to effectively respond to customer ?”  24 hour instant support may sound like a great service to customers,  but this will ruin your health very fast. Some online marketing websites that are supported by a distribution model can often get the master distributors to help in this matter, which will lighten the load on you.

5.  Gather feedback to gain success

Some new entrepreneurs can often reach a stage where their business has achieved some level f success but are afraid to take it to the next step. Be confident on anything that you trust will be a success. Of course, any expanding needs some opinion from relatives or other business connections.  Just like in a normal business, where you interact and meet your customers all the time, you can get feedback about your business and how you can improve it. e-Commerce websites often forget the important role of customers, because you never meet them. Keep the communication open and you will be glad that you did. Critics often help you massively improve your online shop’s quality.


With these five suggestions above, we guarantee that you are on the right path to build your online business even though this is just the start.  Most importantly, remember that you need patience to build your business carefully.  In the end, you want to enjoy running your business,  instead of being stressed and waiting for income.